What are they?

Rack Clad Buildings are the solution for fast and efficient storage of items for industry use. The structure of this type of industrial storage system is based on self-supporting shelves forming a building. Once, the core of shelves takes place, the roofing and perimeter are added later on. To avoid major civil works the industries prefer to use this type of storage system. Because of its fewer investment needs, it brings significant savings for the user.

It provides high-density load and enables high storage, sometimes going up to 40 meters. This type of storage system is compatible with manual handling truck and the automated system. The proofing is such that it allows for cold weather operations. The steel used to build this storage system is of highest quality steel and withstands extreme conditions, providing best storage solutions

Extra information about Rack Clad Buildings

Features to make things easy

The first benefit of this type of industrial storage is the full use of surface area. Design of the warehouse occupies only the exact space required to stack up to the racks. There is no need for central pillars, which would otherwise take up extra space.

Next good thing is the optimisation of height for storage. As the whole structure is supporting on itself, the construction has a minimal strain and can go up to as high as 40 meters. This ability to scale things on height makes this type of storage an appropriate solution for high-rise stocking of items. The building can go up to any height only constrained by the local regulation and scope of current technology. Users can stock up items as high as 45 meters, with this type of storage design.

The construction is straightforward, as it requires assembly on a concrete slab of the required thickness. There is no need for substantial construction equipment and materials. As a result, it takes less time when compared to traditional forms of warehousing to take shape.

Because of preceding benefits, the costs are also low. The profitability of this type storage system depends on height. With more height, the costs come down further and add to the storage space. Apart from storage, it also delivers electricity and communication facility through its cable trays.

When moving the warehouse, this type of storage has its unique benefits, such as dismantling the structure with minimal loss. Both the construction and resemble takes less time and resources. For industries, looking for a flexible storage capability can consider this type of structure.


As from above-preceding points, it becomes clear that Rack Clad Buildings provide for superior construction of warehouses. The benefits are more when compared to the traditional way of storing items. For the industries, which are looking for low-cost structures and want efficiency, can go with this type of storage facility. With the added advantage of height, it gives extra protection to the items stored in it. This is helpful for the timber industry, as they require keeping their produce water and moister proof most of the time. Hence, it is clear that rack-clad storage is the optimum solution in the industry, which wants to save cash and increase its efficiency at the same time.